Tempest DavĂ­ Soap is refreshing, vigorating, and skin replenishing. In this spot i chose to use cut paper to illustrate what this soap can do. The woman in the spot will be made of sandpaper to be a medaphor for rough skin, after the soap is used her skin becomes smooth.

Storyboards for Soap commercial

camera zooms in

woman rubs leg
camera pans up.

...to face

cut to soap

show ingredients

box materializes around soap

cut to scene

skin becomes smooth



These select advertisements showcase some of the the devices that advertisers use for commercials

ADIDAS: Jose +10
This ad was near impossible to miss if you watched the 2006 World Cup. Adidas uses combines the cultural and competitive aspects of the game in a series of ads that really sell nothing but the brand.

Air Jordans directed by Spike Lee
Nike utilized the star power of Spike Lee to push Jordans.

Genesis Does What Nintendon't
Sega made it look like you were a square if you had a Nintendo


United Airlines