ALONE: Artist Statement

If we were the only beings in this universe, wouldn't that be a sad and lonley existence.

The blues covers many melancholy subject matters, but I felt that I wanteed to work with the feeling of lonelyness. I didn't want a 'my baby left me' scenario so i thought and researched and decided to recontextualize the emotion by posing the oft asked question: "Are we alone?"

To illustrate, i decided to distill the question to one image which is simply a woman gazing at the stars.

This was an excercise in masking. The comet is masked as well as the grass. The hair and dress are interpolated masks from paths imported from Adobe Illustrator which were initially traced from hand drawn frames. This technique was inspired by the animated series "Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo". The widescreen effect itself is an inverted mask.


Proposal: What is The Blues?

In a since, everybody has the blues, that's what they say anyway. But what is this so called "Blues" and why is it so universal? This medaphor itself is profound; blue is a color that is allegedly calming, yet Blues music has since re-contexturalized and re-defined it as sadness, but despite itself, the Blues never eminates that same sadness.

I propose to decipher what makes


Download: davi_soap_spot[compressed](ipod). 30sec. 4.3MB
Download: davi_soap_spot[compressed](quicktime). 30sec. 22.2MB

Self Critique
The middle of the commercial is a slight bit choppy and moves a little too quickly.

Class Critique
- The change of the Cammy's skin is too quick.
- Smooth out the movements when the woman changes.
- Soap package was flat.
- Smoother transition when the camera is moving from Cammy's foot, to her head, to the angels.

I think that the class was on point. The fourth point was the greatest technical problem.