Printmaking: Origami Pt. 2

Okay, so i figured out something to do with the environment, but i just have to take it a little farther. These experiments were really helpful, but its moving too slow. i think i'll take a break from these images for a while.


Printmaking: Origami

Here's an experiment for printmaking class. i'm working with origami for pretty much every class this semester. for this one, i decided to use origami animals to print like stamps. i need to figure out something for the environment though.


This is the result of many weeks of arduous designs and re-designs for a class assignment: take the traditional printer's mark and make it contemporary and yours. i took a traditional crest and added some modern symbols, like the barcode and page icon, and a laurel, cause i'm the greatest, duh. This one is currently being turned into a rubber stamp which i'll go pick up tomorrow. i'm so excited. pics to come.