"The Material Things": View/Critique

Note: Before viewing, read synopsis.

Given that this was done in a week, I didn't get to do all that i needed. I need to go back and ad in small constants such as the shirt and neck-tie which disappear toward the second half.

Class Critique
- Add more background layers; scenery
- "Rick" stays on the Beetle too long
- Animate the inanimate positions.
- Establish relationship between "Rick" and wife
- Motorcycle moves too slowly
- Play up the motorcycle
- Beef up the transition from Drama to Action



Startdrawing.org is a site dedicated to highlighting the contemporary artists of Asia. However, if you're not Asian you can still take part. I designed a header for the site. (see above) look familiar?).


"RICKY BLACK"(working title): Synopsis/Concept


This is the story of Ricky Black and his stolen Mustang. Apparently his wife's wedding ring has been stolen, but more importantly, his 1978 Shelby Mustang HAS BEEN PILFERED AS WELL!!! He must get it back, but will he make it in time?!

This piece is a piece about materialism. One of the things I found most interesting in my Blues research was this kind of "minimal" spirit. Most musician's i've read about and listened to live by
a philosophy of having only what one needs; living with the bare essenstials with maybe a little extra on the side, but nothing excess. In this piece, I was thinking about the crazy stunts people do to attain wealth to the point of endangering themselves and others.