Baby Needs a Name

I was scrounging around the other day and i found some...things. This is something i did a while ago and used to make stickers. He is the first of the two babies that i decided to draw beacuse i never drew creepy babies before and i thought 'what the hay'.

I don't yet have a name for this little guy, but that's were you come in. Got any suggestions? (No, i will not name him 4real).

Here's the other one. She's also nameless. Help me out.


No Woman, No Cry : Finished

Here is the finished piece. This is my first time using Photoshop for a major part of the production. I don't think it's too bad for a first time, if i do say so myself. Thank you Iain McCaig DVDs!

Since the goal of StartDrawing for Live Earth was to raise awareness of global warming i thought,"Why not do a portrait of mother earth?"

Comments are welcome.


No Woman, No Cry

No Woman, No Cry
800 x 800 px

This is a new piece for startdrawing for LIVE EARTH. (unfinished)



Old Isht

These are some pieces i've done with Shin Tanaka that i never got around to posting. I missed out on designing a Gritty (, but i don't think i was ready at the time anyway) so i jumped at the chance to get in on the action this time.

"DRAGON!" MASK HOODY (series 2)
My original idea for the Gritty was to pay homage to Bruce Lee. When the MASK HOODYs were released i decided to use the same idea, but as it matured, the "dragon" idea became more interesting. However, i didn't want to stray too far away, so i kept the single stripe on the sleeves.

"Bees, boy!" SPIKY BABY (series 6)
At the time i was playing with making cuter faces. i was drawing small circles and smiles of varying sizes and in different positions to see what i got. After coming off the MASK HOODY, i wanted to do something completely free without a real concept. The title comes from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "eDork".

I got some original papercrafts in the works as well, so be on guard.

Brand New for the Summer

"the hypie" entry for Vektoria Magazine #10

Well, the break has begun and here is the first post of the summer. I got an internship and got the rude awakening every designer gets from working for "the man" as i understand it: Discovering that you're designing everyday for 8 hours. boring. But hey, beggars can't be choosers i guess