Project Write-Up/Critique

With this commercial, I wanted to sell a restorative soap to women in general.

Although it was not finished, I think I captured the feel i wanted. Without sound however, the spot, lacks the nescessary punch to finish it off.


Animation Test

This is the comp. this is merely to test the animation and will not be in the final commercial

download. .m4v file. (quicktime/ipod) 3sec. 288 kb.
download. .mov file. (quicktime) 3sec. 1.8MB.


Research Topics

Since I've been working more intimately with my friend the internet and my iPod, Juice, I've been increasingly interested in music, Hip-Hop in particular. Since my meeting Juice, I have amassed a great library of artists. Therefore, I feel that this is the perfect platform to continue investigating music and form I have yet to explore is Blues.


I am very interested in the martial arts specifically the philosophical and metaphorical aspects. The teachings of the martial arts can be applied to any of the arts and in day to day life.

The most intiguing thing about culture is the mystery and the unlocking of that mystery and discovering all kinds of wonders.


Cammy v2.0

This is the final version. I need to work out shadows and things like that because since there is no outline, the colors of the limbs make them hard to decipher when she moves.


Background no.1: Bed

This is the first setting for the commercial. I decided to post this particular pic to show what it might look like in the end even though it might change drastically (plus the bars make it look cool).


Puppet v1.5 "Cammy"

This is the rough sketch for the puppet aka. "Cammy". At this point, I've worked out the movement and joints and I'm more concerned with achieveing some sort of style and giving Cammy some personality.

I'm not as interested in using Illustrator as I first was. I've decided that I like the cut paper feel and actually having the pieces physically cut is slightly more interesting to me.


Mach Puppet

This is the vector puppet to be used. The wrists, elbows, ankles, shoulders, knees, thighs, and head are all articulated. A sandpaper texture will be added in the beginning and will switch to a silk texture.