HeadKase Artist Series@Nicebunny.com

Head on over to Nicebunny.com to pick up some designer paper toys designed by Brian Castleforte aka Nicebunny. There you can also download the 13 peice HeadKase Artist Series, a collaboration with the likes of Matt Hawkins, Ben The Illustrator, Phil, Sosio, Marshall Alexander, Gianzo, Mari Inukai, LaFlamme, Dickie Jones 33, Josh Coldiron, Remember the Little Guy, Nick Knite, and myself.

You can see pics of mine on the Flickr.


December Papercraft: Jam Master Jay

Run DMC "Peter Piper" [Parental Advisory]

It's been a crazy week. This semester's finals were a bit easier but still just as stressful. In the midst of the chaos, i managed to pull through with the work you've been waiting for. i decided to release them separately through the month so i could have time to build and photograph them all (that's right, i haven't even had time to actually BUILD the other 2). So here's the first of three, the late, great Jason Mizel a.k.a. Jam Master Jay.

Download: Jam Master Jay

Check the Flickr for more pics.

on another note, Rest in Piece to
Chad Butler a.k.a Pimp C, 1/2 of one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time UGK and an ace producer. Thanks for all you did for Southern hip-hop.