Brand New Original Paper Toys!

Introducing the TUBii© (pronounced "TUB-bee") line! These are original papercrafts from your's truly that i promised. I've got many designs and i'll try my best to deliver a new one each month!

This month, Angel. This little cutie loves to bring joy to everyone who is lucky enough to witness her. She appears only to those who make beautiful design. Bring her perfection to your space.


Since i'm lacking in the camera department right now, send me an interesting photo featuring Angel and i'll add it to a special flickr gallery for the world to see!

1. build the model
2. snap an interesting (be appropriate [pg] please) photo
3. send me an email to bryanRrollins@gmail.com with a subject "TUBii" with two attatchments:

  1. 72px resolution photo at least 700x700px in .jpg format
  2. txt or .doc file with your:
    full name/nickname

    your site/blog (if any)
This baby is the first of many to come so stay tuned.

AND IN CLOSING: Updated Flickr complete with new desktop wallpapers and Add to Technorati Favorites

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Stefanie said...

Keep up the good work.