i Have Not Forsaken Ye

This is just a small post so you guys could see what i was workin' on. i've been really busy lately. Above is a screenshot of what i'm working toward releasing in a week or so, and yes, i'm giving you all three to make up for not having anything for this month or last month.

Most of you could probably guess who these guys are (or not) and i'm thinking of maybe making a series of musicians (but that's still a BIG maybe). Let me know your thoughts on the idea AND on what you see above. It would be greatly appreciated.

i also got a camera and took some pictures of the previous models.

Check the Flickr for more.

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Sonicscape said...

Hey Bryan,

Im sonicscape from Urban Art Central, we dabble in stuff like yours.

If you're interested, come down and join our forums ;) Love ya work.

We have some paper models up on our site as well.