What Goes On

to be continued...

i figured i'd show you not only what new things i was working on but how as well. More to come.


Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Fancy... a photo log of Mr. Rollins Paper toy process. I can't wait to see the rest. Oh and you should swing by my blog.


its good to see how other people work, are you mapping the shapes out by hand?
i guess boxes are easy enough, but when you get into the curves, that must take some real perserverance.
much respect for that.

is that a puma clyde sitting in the top photo? did you ever think of making a larger one on it's own?
(i know shin already did it with his airforce ones, but i'm a puma/ adidas man,'cept for the max 95)

nice wrk

Sonicscape said...

awesome man Bryan! Love what you did to the blog as well;)

Logic Marsalis said...

first off your blog is hott...i am loving the layout.

second, those paper toys are amazing. keep doing what your heart tells you do cause you have major skillz.