What Had Happened Was...

Okay, it's been a while. i apologize for keeping ya'll (yup, ya'll) waiting. It's been as crazy as always around these parts and i'm still working hard.

So, i have a few updates. As you can see up top, a new papertoy, and as you can see below, no download link. this particular one is an exclusive that will only appear in an upcoming papertoy book featuring some of the paper toy artists we all know and love. Unfortunately, it won't be released until next year. The good news is, there's a series of these UNITs that i'll be releasing very soon. If you collect them all... well, i'll save that for later. And don't worry, they won't be limited edition.

Which brings me to my next point. i've been getting alot emails (and i thank you all), so i figured i'd answer all of the questions i've been getting. i'm sure you noticed by now that none of the download links work. i was hosting my files on FileDen and i hadn't logged into my account for over 30 days so they washed my files away. So, in light of that, i'm taking the time out to re-work the 4 models i'd done previously and re-release them in one super PDF with 4 more, all-new models. After that, the Tubii's will be retired, but the Tubii Pack will still be available for download.

And lastly, the Jam Master Jay papertoy was taken down a while ago. At that time, i had gotten a very polite, but stern email at my old email address (that i signed into just by chance) from Shin Tanaka, stating i was in violation of his copyright. When i tested the model, i used his shoe template for Jay's shoes because it was faster, but when i released the model, i forgot to switch them with my own designs. Not a good look. It was a flub on my part, and i apologize. But, like i said, Jay WILL be in the Tubii Pack.

And, as always, the Flickr has been updated.

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