So Yeah, I Saw It

The Batman

The Dark Knight was PHENOMENAL! Excellent movie. This one was THEE one for the Summer of '08. The action was superb, the story was great, and Heath Ledger [R.I.P.] was powerful.

Go out and see it NOW. (Don't take the kids though.)


mindful said...

i'm finally going to treat myself tomorrow...

that sketch is a good one too.

Derrick said...

Hey Bryan! Yeah, I saw the Dark Knight as well and I must say that it is always good when a movie proves me wrong completely. I was ready to hate it for SO many reasons, and I walked away satisfied and entertained. Best movie I've seen this year hands down.

By the way, cool Batsketch! Your penciling skills are coming along quite nicely.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Yea that is a cool sketch and of course the movie was great too. Probably the best character development (for villains) I've seen in a movie for a while.

Black Disciple said...

my wasup lovin the art mad creative man remind me of myself check out ur pics from the lonk on the boards over on okayplayer check me out sometime