Back to School Wrap Up

Mixtape cover art commissioned by Sha-Mecca of KnS

Well, school starts back in a couple of weeks and my internship is about to end. I've been busy working and i learned a few things (mostly about my craft). I have some projects that are in the works that i'll post about in the coming weeks so just sit tight.

The Material Things was selected as a daily pick on AniBoom today so i'm excited about that.

Above is one of the recent commissions i've done which can be found on the updated Flickr stream. As time progresses i'll add more. Keep the jobs coming folks, and thanks for the support.

P.S.: I did fix the Morilla link, so have at it and sorry for the mix-up.


Maz said...

what a great animation! beautifully stylized.
I especially like the way he steals the bike..lol
looking forward to reading about the other projects in the making.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

lovely and simple. Where'd you get the tree and world design?

Bryan Rollins said...

the tree i cut out from a stock photo and vectorized and i made the globe myself in illustrator.

FireBrand said...

I'm a big fan and have been since I found this site, man. Great stuff.

Sonicscape said...

Great stuff Bryan. Love the grafix. Keep up the great work;)