Wacom Practice

So i'm back at good ol' Memphis College of Art and i just couldn't wait to try out the new Wacom tablets. I seriously need to invest in one of these babies.

i tested them out on a few sketches i previously scanned in.

[King the ManApe]


[Street Fighter's Dhalsim]

So these are my first ever Wacom inkings. i think they came out pretty good. Feel free to comment.


Maz said...

awesome sketches!
The tablet you've used seems very pressure sensitive, judging by the lines in your images. very free and precise.
I recently borrowed an old wacom tablet off a friend. Its old so not very sensitive and a bit restrictive in some movements, but still they are fantastic, I'm definately investing in a new one myself!

Ryan said...

Oh nice, Awesome job on the Street Figther Character.